9 Reasons Why Men are Likely to Die Before Women

look at this woman then look at this man isn’t this the world of men isn’t women seen as less important beans in most parts of the world. women experience higher stress more chronic disease more depression more anxiety and are more likely to be victims of violence women earn less than men and in many countries. they don’t have the same human rights as men despite the social inequality women experience. there’s a piece of good news for women they are likely to live longer than men according to the most recent us data the average. American man dies five years before the average American woman and even wider gaps are seen among different racial and ethnic minorities, for example, Asian American women leave 16.5 years longer than African American men on average in this video we’ll be sharing with you nine reasons why men unlikely to die before women

Number one – men have riskier

lifestyle habits men are usually involved with occupations that are risky like aircraft pilot construction workers
fishermen site workers roofers farmers and many others all such occupations require safety measures to be taken beforehand as they involve risk and most times. the key LS nature of men stops them from taking precautions resulting in the untimely demise smoking eating and drinking to excess and internalizing stress can contribute to increased blood pressure and heart disease risk which cause men to die. sooner studies have shown that men and women who ranked higher on masculinity skills leave shorter lives science believes part of the reasons may be due to the testosterone levels and a preference for more riskier behaviors.

Number two – men have a weaker immune system

women are born with longer telomeres which helps the cell responsible for your immune system to work healthier and longer other than that. men are usually involved in activities that challenge the immune system like not taking precautions smoking drinking and not taking care of your health. in general, these changes challenge the immune system and sometimes it fails to complete the challenge resulting in diseases men have a tough go of things. before they are even born even in the first year of life men have a higher mortality rate and this persists throughout life. men are also more likely than women to die from injuries suicide and respiratory cancer cirrhosis of the liver and coronary heart diseases. even when developing men developed quickly as compared to females it is due to the biological changes that happen by a male being born through a female body and because women have to reproduce and because women have to reproduce their body functions are stronger than that of men now the question I begin to ask myself is why wasn’t I born a woman

Number three men are usually taller than women

Bigger isn’t always better as it pertains to longevity on average people over six feet tall don’t leave as long as people shorter than six feet tall says dr. Vincent en Papa the New Jersey board-certified anti-aging physician and chief medical officer of Cell Health Institute. a New Jersey company focused on helping people live healthier and longer lives through a cellular approach to health studies of a genetic mutation referred to as the Methuselah gene named after the oldest man mentioned in the Bible. supports this theory this mutation appears to decrease the cell’s use of a growth hormone-insulin-like growth and results in people who tend to be smaller but with a longer than average lifespan larger individuals within a species tend to have shorter lives according to a study published in medical hypothesis 2004. this holds true not only for humans but also for most animal species including fish insects primates and dogs. though men could be proud of the atoll heights that’s one of the reasons why we are more likely to die before women and crime has low

Number four men are not well being mindful

studies have demonstrated that all in all, ladies are better being cognizant and they have higher familiarity with your physical and mental side effects. we men are proud being a man implies the third start of treatment of any sort me are less likely to go for a medical check-up or complain about our ailments these issues, all in all, make guys be powerless against regester active the supporters

Number five men have weaker social connections

As women are more social and talk more they are more expressive and usually find relaxation question study.
answers or therapy through social interactions these social networks also may add to a woman’s longevity on
average women also tend to be more verbal and talk more with friends these addresses problems and strengthens relationships men. on the other hand, are often discouraged from sharing the deepest of women tend to do fairly easy because men don’t socialize much which can result in them withholding their stress thoughts and troubles they are more likely to be victims of suicide or heart attack due to stress number six

Number six men have weaker chromosomes

Men have an X Y chromosome while women have an X X if it effects manifest on the X chromosome it is possible that the genetic material on the extra X. chromosome in women provides some type of backup for the expression of the good genes says, cardiologist Santora many x chromosome disorders exist including hemophilia x-linked spinal muscular atrophy which affects the control of muscle movement and in a neurological disorder called Pattinson syndrome. genetically speaking to X chromosomes beats and X and a why most of the time according to neurologists Hagbard boys born with a problem of the X chromosome typically don’t survive men always think they are strong but sorry guys your chromosomes proves you’re weaker than women

Number seven men are likely to have heart disease

According to dr. Larry Santora a cardiologist with st. Joseph’s Health System in Orange California in women protect them from heart disease for 10 to 15 years longer than men. it’s well known that estrogen raises good cholesterol HDL and lowers bad cholesterol LDL estrogen makes the inner lining of the coronary arteries more flexible. so it’s less prone to injury and inflammation related to plaque formation and atherosclerosis chronic stress in men may also contribute to heart disease as it indirectly elevates blood pressure cholesterol and insulin all contributors to hardening of the arteries to level. the playing field men must work hard to modify their risk says Santora if you are a man start checking blood pressure and cholesterol when you are in your 20s and act immediately on anything that’s abnormal eat a Mediterranean style diet exercise don’t smoke and keep body weights within the healthy range now listen to the problem with giving man advice is they are less likely to take it more reason why we die are the other.

Number eight men avoid doctors the careless

Nature of men is the biggest cause of them dying earlier than women men mostly skip regular check-ups which are important with a medical check-up. men will get to know if there’s a problem with their health and it could be treated early but because of the world around. men make them think it’s a weakness to seek the help they are more likely to avoid medical doctors until it’s too late.

Number nine men have higher metabolic rates

Greater muscle mass in men versus women equal a higher metabolism scientist takes a greater number of calories to maintain muscle this gives men a higher-calorie burn rate while it enables men to lose weight easier this higher bur rate also means they burned through their stem cells faster as well say gam papa referring to cells. that can divide and differentiate into specialized cell types as well as renew themselves it’s like a car going 90 meters per hour versus forty meters per hour you won’t go as far on that tank of gas at the higher speed men burnouts their stem cell pool quicker frequent injuries or surgeries from a high-risk sport or lifestyle use up a man reserves even faster what then can men do to increase their chances of long life even though men inherit tendencies they can still tip the skills in their favor with a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise says gam Papa if you’re a man healthy lifestyle and humility can help you to leave if you love this video our team will be very happy if you can like this video and share it with your friends on social media.
enjoy next we love you.

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