Nature Give You Best – Story of a Egg Noodles Bowl

A state leader who conquered the world had said this one day.

One day my dad put two bowls of noodles on the table that he had made in the hot hot heat. An egg was shining on one of these. Adding an egg to food those days is a rare event. Dad asked me to choose one of the noodles. I immediately picked the pot with the egg. But when the noodles pot was empty, I saw two eggs hidden in the bottom of my dad’s noodles pot. I’m so sad that I can’t inherit an extra egg. That time my father gave me advice like this. My babies. Your eyes are not always telling you the right thing. If you’re going to achieve something with selfish thoughts, you can inherit a sad ending. ′′ I’m going to be

But on the second-day dad gave him a chance to get this right.

′′ On the second day, dad brought two bowls of noodles like that. But this time I thought I should be more thoughtful than yesterday. I immediately picked up an egg without the surface pot. But there wasn’t even one with two eggs at the bottom of it. My dad said this was looking at my face that broke hopes. Remember my kids, don’t assume that life’s experiences and events will always be the same. Life deceives us in different situations. But we should learn that lesson only by being deceived like this. Can’t know them from books. ′′ Don’t always work the same way.

The day I had to make a more thoughtful decision when dad put two of those same noodles on the table.

′′ Dad, you are the head of our family. You are above all of us. You are the first one. First noodles bowl you get. I’ll take the rest of it. When my dad took the pot over an egg, my heart said I couldn’t have an egg in the bottom of my bowl. But when the noodles bowl was half empty, I saw two in it instead of an egg. I’m so excited to eat it. That’s when my dad taught me the most important lesson. He said it like that.

Son, no matter how competitive you are in a situation, if you think about other people, their nature starts to give you the best. ′′ I’m going to be

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